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Frequently Asked Questions

InvoiceNow is the name of Infocomm Media Development Authority's (IMDA) nationwide e-invoicing initiative, that adopts the Peppol framework to manage the transmission of invoices accross financial systems without human intervention.

Pan-European Public Procurement (Peppol) On-Line is an international network owned and maintained by OpenPeppol, that allows registered businesses under its network to exchange electronic invoices and other documents.

E-Invoicing (or electronic invoicing) automates the process of suppliers sending buyers an invoice using an integrated electronic format . With e-invoicing, an accounting or ERP system typically generates and/or accepts electronic invoices within an accepted standard or framework like Peppol.

The most effective approach to start e-Invoicing is by connecting your accounting or ERP systems to the Peppol Network to exchange e-documents. If your systems are already connected (Peppol-Ready), activating the e-Invoicing option should be a straightforward process. However, if your systems are not yet connected or Peppol-Ready, you may engage our Connectivity services to link your systems to the Peppol network. Alternatively, you might consider adopting a Peppol-Ready Accounting or ERP Solution. Our ERP Solutions, Ignite Alfa & Zulu, are both Peppol-Ready, enabling you to effortlessly deploy them and commence E-Invoicing without hassle.

If you don't already have an integrated invoicing system, it may be best to opt for one of the Peppol-ready solutions available. There are numerous such solutions out there, and among them are Billbay's own InvoiceNow solutions - Ignite Alfa and Zulu. These are ERP systems that are already connected to the Peppol network, enabling you to effortlessly start e-invoicing. Alfa is well-suited for organizations with standard business processes, while Zulu provides customizable options through its advanced modules, making it ideal for complex businesses.

Your optimal choice is to enhance or upgrade your current system to become Peppol-Ready, and our connectivity service is precisely designed to assist with that. It ensures that all the intricate functionalities and processes you've established in your systems remain intact. Moreover, we will create a new layer of connectivity to the Peppol network, facilitating the seamless exchange of all supported Peppol business documents with your partners across the Peppol network. As an additional incentive, IMDA is currently providing the LEAD Connect Grant which is a fixed amount of $30,000, to support such upgrades which will enhance your system and make it Peppol-Ready. For more information click here.

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